COVID-19 Update: A Better Pet via Distance Training

Quarantining Week 1

We are in a new and uncharted era of life on the planet earth in the early 21st century with coronavirus — more specifically Covid-19, embedding deeper in our collective midsts. Information is coming at us constantly and new and more drastic measures are being dripped out throughout the local, regional, national and international areas and I believe no one is unaffected. I am myself doing fine and filled with gratitude. I am feeling well. I have my just turned 21 year old daughter Sophie and my canine and feline crew for most excellent company. I can work from home — via distance training. I have nourishing food and the means to cook it and plenty of toilet paper on hand. We have enough space to be separate and technology to reach out to other loved ones not within our small domain. I am able to work. I have a rapidly growing online talk therapy practice through Talkspace and I have increased the digital learning I have already been providing distance clients. To that end, to find balance, and until further notice, I am going to be offering my private training services exclusively through Distance Training, or digital connection (Skype is preferred). Anyone who participates locally will also get lifetime free DIP privileges. 

          Distance Learning Through Technology

If interested in learning more, please fill out CONTACT FORM and let’s schedule a free no obligation phone discussion to see if Distance Learning is a good fit for you with your pet or service dog training needs. Please go to Distance Learning page to learn more.

Stay safe. Practice patience. Remember to breathe.

P.S. If enough people are interested in a Facebook Live event around any and all questions, comments, etc., pertaining to positive dog training, please let me know and I’ll set something up during an upcoming weekday or next weekend.