Case Closed: Lakewood Dog Park Stays Open, Dogs Bark (quietly) For Joy

The results are in at last. The nuisance wasn’t the dogs. It was the lawsuit brought by the neighboring city and 4 residents living in verdant splendor up high. But now, after years of dispute between grumpy residents and dog lovers which culminated in a week long trial last July, for which my irrepressible terrier and I played the audio role in the sound study evidence gathering last June, the dogs and their peeps win.

From The Lakewood Observer (last July):

Priming Trip to bark.

Edward Walter, an acoustics consultant, had been recently hired jointly by the cities of Rocky River and Lakewood to perform a sound study at the dog park, in the backyards of High Parkway residences and around the valley’s rim. He was called only by Lakewood to provide expert testimony in the dog park matter.

While I still think the Lakewood dog park space could use some enriching to increase the benefit for the dogs ( including a ground cover that doesn’t kick up so much dust ), the right decision was made. It’s a shame that the cities spent so much time and money on such frivolity.

Dogs settle disputes quickly, equitably and usually, unless people interfere, without any serious repercussions. They don’t file lawsuits, grumble about the noises we make (vacuuming anyone?) and overlook the superficial. So glad they get to keep their park.


Trip and Bean at Lakewood Dog Park.