Bubbles: A Year in the Life of An Autism Service Dog

Kudos to my honorary 4th daughter, Chelsea Cross. Very soon to become my indentured film documentarian, I mean Independent Project Advisee from Oberlin College.  Please enjoy her audition video challenge — Meet and take footage of Bubbles and her family and friends in celebration of Bubbles 1st birthday, and in between final exams and holiday mayhem, edit into a 5 minute or less video this slice of life for a boy and his life changing dog. The slice in this case, celebrating Bubbles 1st birthday in a dog and human friendly party.

She did it in 3! Love what she’s done! It outdoes the Trailer giving a glimpse into the fruit of her future labors — a documentary on A Year In The Life Jan. 18, 2011 (the day she arrived) -Jan. 18, 2012 (one year later). Stay tuned!

It surpasses the trailer