Angel’s Gate Hospice

I love reading obituaries. In few words a well written one can encapsulate a rich life well lived.  The ones of children dying so young are tragic, and I try never to take for granted the health and well being of my own children although I’m sure I do. I provide rescue as my non denominational form of tithing — the time and money spent caring for or helping find homes for animals in need is time and money spent not supporting my family better — but I keep it to the 10% rule and from my experience I do find gratitude in finding great homes for animals I had a role in helping guide there. I just adopted out the 4th of the dilute calico kittens and all found what I consider to be quality homes with down to earth people who will do right by them. Tank, their brother, damn him, stole my heart and is here to stay. He sits calmly at my side as I type now, instead of trying to add his own commentary, and he just makes me laugh. And laughter is good, especially when sadness occurs.

I notice in my obituary reading more and more people dying that are my age, many of whom are taken young (I consider nearly 50 still young!) by illness. Often in lieu of flowers the obituary prints the request that a donation be made — sometimes to a favorite charity, sometimes to a hospice where they decedent spent his or her final days. When my beloved Lily was diagnosed with a terminal illness, she spent her final month in hospice mode right alongside my side.

Now along comes a documentary about both topics — a unique hospice for unwanted animals!

View the clip, consider donating to help their cause, and take stock in where you’re at with yourself and loved ones. And if there is a dog or cat shadowing you and looking at you with love in their eyes, consider yourself one very lucky person!

Tank is a great sidekick