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Repurposing a Dog

Dakota came to me under stimulated and overbearing but with a heart of pure gold and an affinity and love of children.  After only 3 1/2 weeks of socialization, training, good diet, exercise, play, training, practicing manners, some training, car rides, outings, adventures and rest, he is getting ready to enter the next exciting phase […]

Callie the Service Pup in Training Update

thought I’d let a very recent article do my blogging for me today. Thank you Amy Popik from The News-Herald. And Happy Birthday, Callie. Today you are 1! Service dog changes lives of Madison Township family Duncan Scott/DScott@News-Herald.comBryson Pastor’s service dog, Callie, helps him feel safe during a visit to Morley Library in Painesville Feb. […]

Transitions – The Return of a Service Dog Puppy

Yesterday morning I caught the portion of The Diane Rehm show in which she interviewed David Rubenstein, the founder of The Carlyle Group. Mr Rubenstein, now a billionaire – and one of the country’s leading philanthropists, reminded me of something I’ve learned before: Much, if not more, can be learned from failure as from success. It was a good […]

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Transitions – The Placing of a Service Dog Puppy with End Users

  My role as an independent service dog trainer requires comfort switching hats to cover the many aspects to the process. Part dog trainer, therapist, parenting expert, coach, cheerleader, dictator, advocate, friend and on occasion for some, a life line. The role I play might include puppy raising (more common), it might be the owner […]

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Rescued Me

He is small, sturdy, black, smushy faced and stealthy quiet. His breed, Shih Tzu, is the model for Ewoks who, “…despite their small size, … are strong”. He arrived, admittedly unwanted, in February 2011, a rescue whose owner had given up on him due to dramatic life changes that didn’t leave room for him. I had resisted […]

Har-Vest as a Training Aid: Recipe for Success

Take one unruly, strong willed English Bulldog, fit him with a Har-Vest, sprinkle in some small but savory treats, guide with clicker training and a dash or two of The Six Pillars of Dog Training Wisdom and *poof*, within a few hours we have a focused, eager to please, easy to train and cooperative (not […]

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Service Dog Training – Placing/Supporting

Owner trained service dogs are gaining favor for many reasons. Cost, timing, individualized training plans and freedom from some restrictions placed by service dog organizations are just a few. But not many people are naturally able to take the concept of a service dog from paper to reality (for that matter, not many people are […]