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Har-Vest as a Training Aid: Recipe for Success

Take one unruly, strong willed English Bulldog, fit him with a Har-Vest, sprinkle in some small but savory treats, guide with clicker training and a dash or two of The Six Pillars of Dog Training Wisdom and *poof*, within a few hours we have a focused, eager to please, easy to train and cooperative (not […]

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Service Dog Training – Placing/Supporting

Owner trained service dogs are gaining favor for many reasons. Cost, timing, individualized training plans and freedom from some restrictions placed by service dog organizations are just a few. But not many people are naturally able to take the concept of a service dog from paper to reality (for that matter, not many people are […]

Pawsitivity Indeed

Providing pet and service dog training consumes much of my life these days. I engage in both short and long term relationships with people in helping them learn how to guide their dog(s) to be well mannered and have rewarding and enriching relationships. A good portion of each year is dedicated to raising/training young pups […]

How to Clean a Muddy Dog The Lazy Way

Each season, at least where I live, includes precipitation. Depending on air temperature it might be drizzle, rain, sleet, hail, ice, snow or some combination. The first snows of the season are often beautiful — a blanket of white covering tree limbs, lawns, streets, bushes — everything. I love walking with dogs and taking in […]

Video Trailers — Dog Training Fall 2013

I’ve been immersed in English Springer Spaniel Service Dog Training fun these past many months and couldn’t be prouder of the trio — Blazer, Ella and Beau. Diminutive little Lexi, a maltese/yorkie mix, rounds out the mix into a quartet of dogs who are being socialized, trained, reinforced and encouraged to provide a variety of […]

Let’s Make a Deal

I remember being a fan of the game show Let’s Make a Deal. This was the show where host Monty Hall offered contestants plucked from the audience —  the most audacious ones prepared with outlandish attention-seeking costumes at that —  choices between winning stuff in boxes or behind curtains. The hope was winning grand prizes without […]

Service Dog Training – Public Access Outing

Dogs with jobs, like people, require a strong core of foundation skills and opportunity to practice in order to be functional in their job. If the intention is to incorporate a dog into service, working for  you in a variety of public settings, taking the dog in public is fundamental to service dog training. Maintaining […]

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