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Video Trailers — Dog Training Fall 2013

I’ve been immersed in English Springer Spaniel Service Dog Training fun these past many months and couldn’t be prouder of the trio — Blazer, Ella and Beau. Diminutive little Lexi, a maltese/yorkie mix, rounds out the mix into a quartet of dogs who are being socialized, trained, reinforced and encouraged to provide a variety of […]

Let’s Make a Deal

I remember being a fan of the game show Let’s Make a Deal. This was the show where host Monty Hall offered contestants plucked from the audience —  the most audacious ones prepared with outlandish attention-seeking costumes at that —  choices between winning stuff in boxes or behind curtains. The hope was winning grand prizes without […]

Service Dog Training – Public Access Outing

Dogs with jobs, like people, require a strong core of foundation skills and opportunity to practice in order to be functional in their job. If the intention is to incorporate a dog into service, working for  you in a variety of public settings, taking the dog in public is fundamental to service dog training. Maintaining […]

What’s Your Learning Style

The Six Pillars of Dog Training Wisdom is a multi media approach to learning the art and science of dog training by incorporating writing in various styles (e.g., case studies, definitions, metaphors, similes, mnemonics), visuals (e.g., pictures and video clips and edited videos) and kinesthetic (direct service training & hands on exercises to help increase […]


Participating in Q104’s annual Cleveland Animal Protective League (APL) Fundraiser is a no brainer. My recent trio of rescue kittens have passed their first medical check with flying colors and two of them, Calliope & Boz, leave tomorrow. Dill is auditioning for an office manager opening at A Better Pet but he too might be […]