Bubbles Part III

It’s been exactly two weeks since Bubbles paired with Sam. I have to admit I’m quite impressed with the speed with which they have bonded although I’m not surprised. It really speaks to my motto of getting the right make and model of dog for the job. And there’s the significant and measurable improvements in Sam’s behavior since the match. Best stated in mom’s own words in her growing blog. To have gone from freak out fear of the dog on Labor Day a month ago to running joyfully with his blond cohort and her peers in a group class is just short of awe-inspiring. You just can’t help falling in love with this boy!

A second home visit, a few group dog training classes, a rainy but fun filled DIP and a public access field trip to a therapeutic swimming lesson have all occurred in this time frame and the bonding and functionality of Bubbles with Sam is only just beginning.

Team Sam at Group Class

Sam, a spunky 5 year old, and Bubbles, nearly 11 months old, will have the opportunity to develop the bond further and further. The motivations and participation of both parents, Jessica and Gary, along with Aunt Joyce are all critical to the success. And they are such a pleasure to work with!

I dare say if I didn’t have my own family to support, I’d be paying them for the privilege of seeing the magic of pairing a well trained dog with a special needs autistic child. Sshhh. Don’t tell anyone!

A few more  little clips showing evidence of the bonding. More can be found at my You Tube Channel.




(NOTE: Bubbles has both a medium and large Har-Vest. Here we’re having her wear the large as the fitting seems to have a significantly greater “sedating” effect which helps in novel environments that are highly stimulating. Like a pool! Watch also how I work on having her perform her basic manners and it’s a challenge as she’s so distracted but I work her through and get her to sit and do a jump up “touch” before crossing the pool’s bridge)

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